“We have no time” Consequences by Example

I think that everyone of us who did some serious software development at least once heard that “we have no time, so we have to take some compromises”. In these cases, almost always quality is the one that gets hurt. Despite the fact that almost everyone knows that it is not good in the long term, this happens very often.

So, I decided to find some examples from the world outside of software development to think about what are the real consequences of “having no time”. Imagine world like this:

  • waiter decided not to be polite because he has a lot of guests to serve,
  • hairdresser decided to use a machine only, not to use a comb and scissors, because a lot of people are waiting in line,
  • house maid decided to put all dust under the carpet because hey, an effect is the same – a house looks clean,
  • building company decided not to build-in any windows into your home because it’s much faster with walls only and same effect can be achieved with light bulbs,
  • cycling in a standing position is much faster, so we don’t need a seat at all,
  • car producer decided to use only computer simulated testing because it allows them to deliver new models much faster,
  • the priest decided to say a Mass only via podcast, because people doesn’t have time to come to church,
  • authorities decided to abolish all city speed limits, so that people could travel much faster,
  • your dentist decided to pull out all your bad teeth because it is much faster than dental treatment,
  • teacher decided to talk as faster as he can, so a class can be finished earlier

Not ready to accept such compromises? Then, why do you think your customer is ready to accept your software development compromises?

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